Special Olympics Carnival 2009: MY FAVORITE RECIPES by Foodie Bloggers

The two (enviously tall) princesses consenting to visit the Foodie Bloggers Booth. I wish I’m tall. And maybe thinner…

But of course this post will not be about my irrational insecurities. (Or so I say) It is about the marvellous day we had at the Special Olympics Carnival! It was awesome!


Here’s some trivia: The recipe book coincidentally had a lot of green on the cover. Green was the theme of the carnival. OMG! We so didn’t know that! Definitely meant to be. Hahaha.

We sold exactly 100 copies of the Foodie Bloggers’ Recipe Book with the help of Pablo, Muaz, and our wonderful volunteers!!! Thanks boys and girls! (They think I’m a student.. Awwwww~) I am very glad that the spirit of voluntarism and activism is alive in our youth. They make volunteering seem cool! Keep it up!

Just a thought, I wonder who the 100th buyer was, I missed her since I was manning the Magic Show booth as well (will talk more on this later). According to our volunteers, she’s Chinese. I know, obviously they’re not very good in the describing-what-people-look-like part.

And at the end of a tiring day, the money goes to a good cause. All the deliciousness and fun, they come up to bigger cause.

If you are still interested in buying the recipe book, we have a bout 100 copies left (we sold the rest on Facebook!) and if you want to get your hands on one, please make your way to the very nice smelling Shop@Sarah’s at Level 2, Kiulap Mall.

Even DPMM Players are in love with our recipe book! 😀 Hahaha.

For more information and pictures of the event:

5 thoughts on “Special Olympics Carnival 2009: MY FAVORITE RECIPES by Foodie Bloggers

  1. Isshhh…. ada jua my pic… thanks for all your help …mana casserole ku?? haha…sempat nagih..


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