Fun & Games and THE AUCTION!

Book is still available at Shop@Sarah, Level 2 (First Floor BAH!) at Kiulap Mall. 20 copies left!

Have you got a copy of the recipe book yet??? Holy guacamole things just got even hotter in the oven! Don´t miss it! You know we´re always up to these fun little things. Yes, the book comes with a built in game. Sounds like a job for CHEF SHERLOCK HOLMES!

The thing is you´re supposed to figure out 3 different ingredients missing from 3 different recipes! It is EXTREMELY easy! There are three separate recipes in the book that have something missing! You have to go through the 47 recipes to find out and if you are a foodie, it is so painfully obvious.

The clues are:

C1 : a missing ingredient.

C2: Same ingredient of Clue 1 , a different recipe and the amount is just way too much.

C3: Wrong method of cooking.

Just go through the book and you will find out in an INSTANT. *snaps fingers* This is our way of thanking you all for your support and donations! 😀

Tune in to DJ Honey´s Show on Kristal FM on Friday Morning 8th May 2009. The answers will finally be revealed! And hey, of course there is a prize for the 3 winners!

The 3 winners will get 3 desserts vouchers from Bunny´s Yummies amounting $40 each. I ENVY YOU!!!

In other news, is it hotline or what for the signed copy of My Favorite Recipes? The auction is stil going on at and it is currently bid for $386. The organisers of the Recipe Book are all waiting with bated breath. Will we reach $500??? Bid quick! Send a man to the Special Olympics!

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