Red white and blue!

Even had a Tootsie Roll? Basically it’s a American candy but it really is a household phenomenon. You hear the name all the time right but you know, because it’s unavailable here in Brunei, I’ve never actually had a Tootsie Roll ever before. Until today. ANd appropriately, on American soil!

Behold! A little Tootsie Roll, festively wrapped in red, white and blue. I thought it looks a bit like toffee.

Yes that’s my fingerprint n the Tootsie Roll. It’s chewy and gooey and gets all stuck in your teeth like toffee. And it’s soft and buttery like toffee. Basically, it’s toffee.

Read more about Tootsie Rolls here. In the mean time, happy fourth of July my American friends. 🙂 233rd year of independence and counting!

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