Funbread Cafe Revisited

Funbread Cafe had been one of my favorite haunts when I was still a student. Last time I went there, was for a delicious lunch with my TESL friends and I’ve been there enough times for assignments that I’ve made friends from the friendly waitstaff there. I’m not sure why I suddenly stopped going there, but I think it’s because the place is quite secluded and since I didn’t have much of a life last year, when I do have time to go out, I want to be around as many people as possible! LOL.

Apparently the whole year I didn’t go there, Funbread Cafe had gone through a major rehaul in interiors and also, menu! I like the old look actually, it’s cosy and warm but the new look is fresher, simpler, more modern and offers more light and space than the old one. As I peered through the menu, it looks very promising. Delicious sounding food items described so sinfully, complimented with porn-like pictures.

We went through quite a number of dishes that night, their specials, some duck rolls, some noodles, some pasta, oh and the creamiest seafood chowder I have ever tasted. Ever. All quite decent and enough to make me want to go back there.

But all paled in comparison to the White Chocolate Macadamia Cake.

This was put quite simple the STAR of the night. I am absolutely drooling just typing all this in. The most delicious cake I have ever tasted and I’m really not that much of a cake person. I could taste the macadamias, I could taste the white cocolate icing but the rest of it was just pure magic. If you haven’t been to this cafe, this cake can be your one reason enough to drive all the way there.

Turquoise & Roses highly recommend! :DIf you would like to see more albums of food from the night, please click here, here, here or here.

All photos taken by Marul.

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