Today I saw him

When I woke up this morning, Twitterland and Facebookland was abuzzing with a lot of activity pertaining to the Titah that His Majesty the Sultan had given during the Special Meeting at the National Disaster Management Centre (do correct me if I’m wrong).

I would’ve been terrified to be sitting in front of His Majesty this morning listening to his Titah. I have never heard him so straightforward nor have I ever heard him so emotional in delivering his Titah. Perhaps it’s my overactive imagination but several times I swear he even almost choked on his words. It was so heartfelt, containing not only issues that you know are important to him, and everyone protecting under his umbrella, but also issues that concern the hereafter. I really do feel that this is one of his best titahs. Even better than the one during this year’s National Day.

Now what do we do?

For now we know our mistakes. We note them down, be excited. Because tomorrow, is a new day, in more ways than one.


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