From Brunei to Hawaii in 5 minutes

I was at Senor Pablo’s Hawaiian themed birthday bash last night at Serikandi, Kiulap. Had such an awesome time with standup act Kumpulan Beracun keeping us ALL in stitches. Boipren was exceptionally delighted as this was his first time. He has finally been BERACUNNED! Here are some of the most memorable moments from last night.

Pablo had organised many many games and one of them involved doing the Hawaiian dance. Hahah, here is Alin of the Kurapak fame attempting to what I would describe as Tarian Hantu Dari Kubur Orang Yang Mati Dibunuh.

Everyone went crazy making a fool of themselves! Hahaha. Here’s Beautiful doing her killer moves!

And of course here I am doing my short lived hoola hoop dance! Hahahaha. Won a voucher from 1982! Yahoo shopping! 😀

Had a really lovely time last night and we ended all with the obligatory poco poco. If you haven’t go on over to the World of Pablo, and give him a very warm birthday greeting. 😀

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