Ramadhan Sungkai Series: I-Lotus Restaurant

I am currently using a Nokia E63, which is a much cheaper version of the famous E71. Best phone ever! My emails are all synced with my phone, and as you know I Tweet, MSN and Facebook from my phone regularly. Furthermore, Brunei has THE best data charges in the whole wide world. I spend as little as $0.20 maximum every day heavilly using the GPRS. Also I am so in love with the calendar function. Nowadays, if events don’t get logged into my phone, I will for sure forget all about it!

As you can see from my calendar in the picture above, yesterday I went to the sungkai buffet at I-Lotus Restaurant. I-Lotus is the lovely lush restaurant situated in Rimba and can be seen from the Tungku Link Highway.

At the price of BN$16.80 per adult, all diners get free flow cold bandung delivered to your table, and a LOT of food!

Each table is equipped with these four blue pegs, which are for the teppanyaki hot plate. You may pick fresh seafood from a stall, then send it to the hot plate corner so the very fast cooking chefs may cook in any way you like. Tag your plate with the pegs and then when the food is cooked the waitstaff will send it to your table.

The hot plate and the two very fast cooks. People were already sending in their orders by 6pm.

First course: I feel like starting with dessert first. Had some rubies, coconut jelly and some yellow glutinous rice balls with coconut milk and gula anau. These were only a fraction of what was offered from the ice kacang stall.

Second Course: A selection of fritters. Fried stuff are always good. I find that pretty much anything deep fried becomes instantly delicious. Hehe. I had some wantans, fried crabsticks, fried tapioca, fried yam, chicken balls, fish balls, sausage stick and fried chicken with some very nice chilli dip.

Third course: Rice noodles with tom yam kung. Very nice dish although after a while it did get a bit too spicy haha. Otherwise quite yummy.

Fourth Course: I only had three prawns. They were cooked with belachan which gave it that salty spicy kick. Quite nice although I would prefer them to clean the prawns first! I don’t quite fancy the sandy texture of unwashed prawns. But on the plus side they were very fresh!

I had my meal with copious amounts of hot soya bean, which I thought was very very very nice! Especially with the rain and the wind billowing outside. It was very very comforting.

Now it may seem as if I didn’t eat a lot this time round, but actually there was a lot of food on the buffet table. However, by the time I got around to visiting the main course, everything was finished! 0_0″ I was actually quite full already by that point so it didn’t matter. However, let that be a reminder for everyone. If you dine here, start scavenging on the buffet table early.

Here are some very good looking foods that I did not get to taste hahaha:

Char kway teow

Stirfried bittergourd with egg

Beancurd and minced chicken

Sweet and sour chicken (I think)

And the one that looks the most appetising to me: Mushrooms and Pakchye

I guess I’ll never know if they taste good or not, but you can find out for me right? 😉 Go on over and write me a review of the main courses if you’ve been there!

I-Lotus Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $16.80 (adult) & $9.80 (child)

Sahur Steamboat Buffet @ $11.80 (adult) & $7.80 (child)

Call 2422466

10 thoughts on “Ramadhan Sungkai Series: I-Lotus Restaurant

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    Hi there!
    I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for Ramadan bazaar in Brunei.

    I am Putri, a Halal food blogger and traveller worldwide with the site: http://www.worldhalalquest.com I always wonder what do Bruneians actually eat since not much is showcase on the net. I was hoping, we get to contact one another,who knows I might drop in Brunei this coming Ramadan and I need a local to show me around. DO drop by my site and check it out! If you got interesting Brunei yummy eateries, feel free to drop in a note at our forum http://www.facebook.com/putriberendamfans Great site! Keep up the good work!



    1. Hi Putri! Thanks for visiting my site! Brunei is a quiet place during Ramadan, but that’s when all the nice once-a-year foods all come out! If you have time to come to Brunei this Ramadhan, drop me an email (maurina@gmail.com) and I’d be very happy to host you! 😀


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