Malaysia Tour (con’t): Day 8

49. Transport: Lan’s car! 😀

50. Roti Bakar Tepi Jalan: I LOOOOOVE this roadside stall!

Basically theyserve two main food items. The first being the awesome charcoal toasted thick toast, generously spread with butter. And the second is their phenomenal half boiled eggs. Wow, so simple yet sooooo delicious! This is easilly one of my favorite locations in Georgetown.

51. Muzium P. Ramlee: A lot of people do not know that P.Ramlee was actually born in Pulau Pinang. Now they actually have a cute little museum of his memorabilia and best of all, it is located on the site of the house where he was born and where grew up.

The main building of the museum


Official address of the house

Actual house complex

Reminds me o the toilet in Ali Baba Bujang Lapok. The one that got “X”-ed.

The place is actually open to public but we were there on Monday, which is the ONLY day of the week when the place gets closed. Haha, how unlucky is that!

52. Market: I cannot for the life of me remember what this market was called, but I remember it was only about 5 minutes slow walking from the P. Ramlee Museum. It was really cool though! Many awesome stuff were sold from old to new, from big to small. Not as massive as the ones I went to when in Bangkok, but still quite big.

Cheap wallets!

Dancing solar powered flowers! 😀 Cute!

Plants! Even the Monkey Pot. Hehehe. Still have liquid inside to make your hair shiny.

I loved this: antiques! Like this old phone. Was so heavy! The man said it still works.

Old tools! Dunno who’d be interested in buying these. I bet the owner could make more money selling it of to a recycling plant.

53. Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan, a Hindu temple on top of Penang Hill. Apparently, it is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Penang. Since our cable car ride won’t be arriving in 30 minutes, Lan took us to see this temple which was just nearby. Heheh awesome view from up there and also, check out those mega huge giant statues of Hindu deities!

Construction work was going on as well. The temple was making a roof for the giant giant super duper mega huge lady head statue behind me.

View from the Temple. Very windy and cool up there!

54. Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill): There is a very interesting railway there which is apparently called a funicular railway. Construction of the railway took place between 1906 to 1923, at a cost of 1.5 million Straits dollars. The railway was opened to the public on October 21, 1923. The 2,007 m (1 mile 435 yard) journey takes about half an hour. A VERY LONGGGGGGGG half an hour.

Waiting for our ride

Inside the very very warm and very very stuffy cable car.

Awesome view from the top

Gerai Kak Som: We had something to drink before going back down.

55. Hameediyah Restaurant: Home of the most delicious briyani I have ever tasted in my whole life. Slurps! Pictures of briyani will be featured on Makan Saja at a later date.

56. Batu Ferringhi Beach: Probably the single most heavily developed stretch of tourist resorts in the entire country, the scenery and the beaches have undeniably suffered under the assault of all that concrete. Still, while the beaches aren’t the best in Malaysia, there are still miles of white sand and palm trees left. Fierce competition keeps hotel prices low and there’s some great food to be found too. (According to WikiTravel)

Sat at a nice shady cafe, waiting for sunset.

Nice view right? Sunset here is orange, unlike Langkawi’s pink ones.

With Amir! 😀 Sluuuuuuuuuurping down the iced tea.

57. Majid Chelor Chelor (Satay Rebus): Basically it is similar to a steamboat where fresh food is skewered on bamboo sticks and cooked in a pot of boiling water, dip into the special sauce and you are in for a great time trying 30 over different varieties.

Very interesting food eating experience!

58. Slippery Senoritas: Well, of course we went clubbing! Hehe.

View from outside

Us inside 😀

Look! They’re playing Tom & Jerry on the TVs. Hehehe.

Very handsome singer from the Philippines. I swear he looked at me everytime he said the word beautiful!

😀 The Penang Gang! 😀

Will be back with more adventures tomorrow! 😀

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