Ramadhan Sungkai Series: Cheezbox

Blackboard easel

Do you like reading my sungkai reviews? Or would you like me to talk about something else? I would talk about something else, but the thing is, I really like making these reviews. I love talking about food because I love food! Not just eating and smelling food, but making and arranging and taking photos of them! I especially love beautiful food! We eat to live, and if we eat good, beautifully arranged food, prepared carefully by a passionate cook, then you’d feel and taste its awesomeness.

Freshly made tempura.

Cheezbox is great. I am a regular in Cheezbox and I’ve always encountered great service and food there. I love that sometimes, the owner of the restaurant is always around in the restaurant doing petty things like cashier duty. Sometimes her whole family would come down there, especially her very small daughter, and they would have meals there. They do it a lot too, and the waitstaff there all adores the little girl. Shows how much the foundation behind the establishment values their food, it’s the food they use to feed their own family, and food you feed your family, is the best kind there is.

I didn’t try any of the Durian Cheesecake but it was one of the cheesecakes on display for offer during the buffet.

This was lovely! My favorite among all the cheesecakes!

I was very pleased that Cheezbox decided to do a sungkai buffet. And boy, for a price of $19.90, they sure was not stingy with their selection. There were a wide selection plopped up both upstairs and downstairs! Pastas and noodles and rice and breads! Roasts, and stews and seafood and gravy! And they were all so delicious!

This is my first course. A lovely assortment of yummy cheesecakes (at that time the real buffet was quite packed so I busied myself with the dessert buffet first). I had mango, banana, brownie and sponge. Yumminess!!! I love cheesecake see, in any form.

This is my second course, the cream of brocolli soup. The design I acheived by plopping a bit of carbonara sauce and swirling it around with my fork. Hee. Anyway, this was okay for me, was not very memorable, but I did taste brocolli and creaminess. It was just okay. Love the colour though.

This is my third course. Best course out of all the courses! 😀 From bottom, is the beef stew, the baked mussels, potato salad, barbecued lamb, and the salmon with creamy apple sauce. I am drooling just writing about this!

Delicious like wow! Finished all that and if I was not in the presence of the rest of the foodies, I would’ve LICKED the plate clean! The salmon was especially delicious with the creamy apple sauce. Slurps! (After I finished mine, I stole Farah’s one as she was sitting next to me).

Next course, my fourth and final one is the pasta carbonara which was sweet and creamy without being too heavy. It was very nice. Had some sliced smoked sausages on top and they went very well with the pasta.

And finally, dessert: The two gentlemen who kindly joined me for sungkai. Hahah! I’m kidding. I don’t eat people! Ha ha ha *nervous laughter*

CheezBox Cafe & Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $19.90 (adult) & $12.90 (child)

Call 2425506/7

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