Drama amidst pizza, pasta and ice cream

I’ve been following the high profile divorce case between Siti Mariam (daughter of Pehin Isa) and the man behind the Fratini franchise, Adam Kalebic. Siti Mariam alleged that her husband (or soon to be ex-husband) physically abused her during their 19 years of marriage, and so demanded a divorce, that obviously he is not giving her.

Ivica@Adam Kalebic, 62, allegedly threatened to carve out the liver of his wife Siti Mariam binte Isa and eat it rather than consenting to a divorce, the Bandar Seri Begawan Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

Source: Siti Mariam Cross Examined, Divorce Denied

How drama is that! It has so far been very very interesting as the plot thickens when bits and pieces of the household abuse unfolds.

Its very rare that we get cases as high profile as this in this sultanate where a lot of things get settled behind closed doors to protect privacy, shame and such. But when we get drama, WE GET DRAMA WITH ALL THE GORY DETAILS!

Scary though.

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