Cendol Temburong

One of the greatest Ramadhan institutions in Brunei is the Cendol Temburong, specifically from Temburong, and in particular, made by the Brunei cendol icon, Haji Saban. It is sourced directly from him to a few select gerais in the Brunei Muara area.

I am lucky because I can get my supply nearby in Kampong Masin and I only live 5 minutes away from this delectable drink. Gula anau (palm sugar) or gula biasa (regular sugar)? Well, I get my pick! 😀 But a word of caution, come early as they sell out every day!

The green coloured cendol, is basically made out of starch and flavored with the pandan leaf. It’s a textural delight! I prefer  drink it using a spoon, from a bowl, much like eating ABC. But some people prefer to drink it from a glass, using a straw.

Have you tried cendol temburong? Tell me what do you think of them! 😀

7 thoughts on “Cendol Temburong

  1. You people that side of the Limbang are lucky. You get to buy cendul tembrong from various gerais. I live in Temburong. However, if one would want to buy Hj Saban’s cendul here, one should book in advance. They don’t sell cendul temburong in Temburong, just those for who has pre-ordered theirs.

    Anyways, I remember a few years back there was this company which also sold cendul, especially during puasa. Hj. Metali if I’m not mistaken. They used containers instead of the plstic bag thingy. Any idea if it is still in existence?


  2. hehe.. I eat mine from a bowl too..


    Cendul Hj Metali originates from my kampung; Kg Burong Pingai (the one in Berakas, not the one in Kg Ayer.. although I’m not quite sure if he started selling them from the Kg Ayer times before they moved to Berakas).. I remember how popular it was back then.. but I’m not sure if they still sell it.. The man passed away a number of years ago… and so goes with it the tradition… I think..


  3. Hy Mau, any ideas best place to have sungkai in KB/Seria town apart frm Srikandi? any reviews frm restaurants frm other districts? tq.


  4. i normally get to taste the cendol temburong when my uncle hosted “makan=makan”. congratulations for winning the best local scenen blog.. do check out my page, too


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