Sweaty Bottles of Cold Kausar

Air Kausar made its mark in Brunei at least 10 or so years ago as a drink that helps to decrease and alleviate high body temperatures. This is because Air Kausar contains barley, which is known to keep you cool when you demam.

Nowadays, those sold in gerais and shops are basically a diluted evaporated milk solution, soaked basil seeds and barley cordial. I guess barley cordial is easier to make, and saves a lot of time compared to making real barley. Furthermore people don’t exactly buy Air Kausar for its healing properties but more for thirst quenching and taste so I guess making real barley would just be redundant. 🙂 Some even take it a step further and add in food colouring so you see pandan green or luscious baby pink bottles of Kausar here and there.

So basically, for those reasons above, I never drink Air Kausar anymore, except for the occasional bottle here and there given by friends and family members. A few days ago however, someone gave us a bottle of Kausar and to my surprise, they added in a new ingredient which was quite pleasant and gave the drink a rather yellowish hue. It took me a while to place the new flavor, but the new ingredient is Nestum!

Interesting things that people come up with. 🙂 But, I’m old fashioned and still I very much prefer the one with real barley. As a drink it taste rich and wholesome. One of these days I’ll perhaps make my own.

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