You Can Do It Too: Changing Your Car Battery

What suspense! Today I found out changing your car battery is easy as pie. In fact, pie is probably harder! Sometimes I do wonder why some girls (me included) feel panicky when talking about the inner workings of a car.

So anyway, my car died 3 times yesterday as per tweeted. First time at home, and was sucessfully revived via jumper cables. Then second time it died again at the HQ, and was revived again via jumper cables. Third time it died again at my friend’s house and it fell into a deep sleep. Unrevivable. 😦

So had to leave the poor thing there at my friend’s overnight, and hitched a ride with another friend.


Today I went to a battery store! Did you know of such things? A shop that sells only batteries! Whole thing was very fuss free. Told him the name of my car and showed him the picture of my battery in my phone (this one I posted on Twitter) for verification.

I jokingly said that I want a battery that is maintenance free and doesn’t need any refilling of battery fluids. To my shock and amazement, he said,

“Oh sorry, habis sudah”

O_O They exist! They cost a bit more by maybe $20 but hey, no maintenance needed! Apparently some genius invented a no maintenance car battery. But “habis”. 😦 So then I bought this one instead. I swear the next battery pack I buy will be the non-maintenance one. Hehe.

He needed to fill in the battery with magic water, and so told me to walk around first, and so I did.

Battery cost $58, roughly the cost of my 2 baju rayas. Hehe.

Then went back to my friend’s house where my car looked rather sad in their garage, looking abandoned and unwanted next to a shiny white Lexus and a big and strong Ford SUV.

Operation Battery Replacement begins: All you need is the smallest adjustable wrench you can find in Hua Ho.

Yes obviously those are not my fingers. If I was the one doing this who’s gonna take the pictures!!!??? Hehehe. 😛 Anyway, take off the nuts securing the battery to the engine thingamagic.



Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight as you do not want to end up with a battery pack on the road. 😛

THAT’S IT! Easy right??? Totally plug and play! So suspense. Any idiot can do this and you can definitely do it too! 😀

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