Sunday Miscellany: Do you see it?

I’ve been delighting myself with Malaysian movies from the 80 and 90s on YouTube these past few days. Two of the latest movies I’ve watched may be familar to some of you, and it was definitely one of the more popular ones in our household back then: Suci Dalam Debu (1992) and Hati Bukan Kristal (1990).

Starring in both of these two movies, is a very pretty lady named Julia Rais. I’m not sure what happened to her now and personally I don’t quite remember her or her roles in those two movies. Then again, I was very young. Hehe. 😛

As I re-watched these two movies, I realised that she reminds me of someone. And when I finally got it:

She looks like our very own Pengiran Anak Sarah! 😀 Do you see it?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Miscellany: Do you see it?

  1. I think our Pengiran Anak Sarah is better looking. By the way, Julia Rais as the gossip goes, also married into another Malaysian Royal family. And don’t forget her all time more famous movie, Isabella 😀


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