Poem: Affirmations on The Subject of Life

Isn’t it?

Isn’t it nice?
Babies and pink flowers and cottontail bunnies.

Isn’t it so satisfying?
Burping and farting and picking that scab.

Isn’t it fulfilling?
Cooking and farming and lending out a hand.

Isn’t it inspiring?
Oprah and art and Pehin Lau’s story.

Isn’t it sad?
Single mothers and roadkill and how accidents happen.

Isn’t it depressing?
Drug addict cousins and victims and disasters in our neighbours’ home.

Isn’t it heartbreaking?
A father losing his children to the crocodiles and a family mourning the loss of a drowned son.

Isn’t it harrowing?
Hunger and pain and not having money for school.

Isn’t it spooky?
Empty houses and stories of people possesed and black dogs.

Isn’t it scary?
Cancer and tumours and amputation.

Isn’t it horrible?
Poverty and debt and poisonous snakes.

Isn’t it terrifying?
Death and aging and loneliness.

Isn’t it?

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