Another Tuesday

I’ve been up to no good as usual. 🙂

And the cat is out of the bag I’m sure you’ve heard. I got a bob last Thursday. No more of my long luscious locks! Haha.


Yes it is a rather sudden and drastic change I must say. Not really bothered by it all. I think it’s quite cute. It’ll give me something to fuss over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve been getting rather interesting responses to the whole bob thing though. A huge chunk of people are quite shocked and appalled if I may just describe their expressions when they saw me for the first time. Like “how dare she cut her hair!”. It’s as if though I didn’t have any emotional attachment to my long hair, other people did.

Why did I do it? The answer is simple yet, a lot of people find it difficult to believe. For fun. Why not? No I’m not frustrated after a heartbreak or sad or whatever. Just felt like a haircut. That’s all to it really.

So justification aside, I’m finding short hair really high maintenance! For my long hair, I only need to wash once every 3 days. But now I’m finding my hair getting oily really quick and it feels really yucky greasy. And the thing about yucky greasy hair is when its long, it’s not so bad (unless it stinks). But for short hair, I really can’t work with it! Heavy, limp and bounceless. So I’ve been washing it almost every day, something I haven’t done in years!

But the styling routine is pretty much the same. Just some heat protecting serum on the ends and some mousse for hold, then a quick upsidedown hairdrying and I get cute cowlicks. Followed by obligatory blow drying of the curly fringe. Haha.

Well I like it. 🙂

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