Travelogues: Highlights of Halloween Singapore Trip :D

Ok I know this trip happened eons ago! Hahah, finally have time to sit down and blog about it! Believe it or not, this is only my second time to Singapore. Isn’t that crazy??? I transit there like millions of times (Changi is my FAVORITE airport) but I’ve only actually been out once when I was young with my parents, and this is my second time!

Singapore is truly now a developed nation in South East Asia, all on a league of its own. It has surely came such a LONG way away from what it was in the 1960s. Everything was so efficient and so wonderfully convenient. I came home feeling both so impressed with the country as a whole and yet so glad to be out of the place. I guess with development comes a price and me being from the little kampong country that is Brunei, am not used to such extreme urbanization.

Well at least that is what I attribute it to. While I appreciate Singapore as a nice change from Brunei, I feel that Brunei is better off in some areas. In Singapore, somehow everything is about money. I mean, you can’t even park your car overnight in your own home without paying a hefty fee. Also since the country is obsessed about keeping everything efficient, many transactions are impersonal and handled by machines, which I guess is economical and beneficial. I find that many things operate on this foundation of avoid-human-contact-so-things-get-done-faster-and-easier. Human contact is optional.

As I sit back and think: human contact is optional? How can you live a life where human contact is optional and unnecessary? It makes people so much unfriendlier and less willing to accept new people in their lives. I’m not saying all Singaporeans are unfriendly, I stayed at my friend’s house and it was a warm, loving home in Singapore but let’s just say in the 3 days I was there, I never saw anyone who smiled or looked friendly unless I’m buying items they’re selling.

You say Bruneians are marung? You’ve never stayed in Singapore and bought nothing.

With that said, I had an absolutely wonderful time in Singapore and I appreciate that everyone works hard, and I appreciate the fact that there is no rubbish, and I appreciate the tall buildings (that we do NOT have) and I appreciate the technology and energy-efficient buildings but most of all I appreciate consumerism!!!

We departed from Miri Airport and saved almost BND$200 on airfare! πŸ˜€ Happy.

We arrived in the morning and obviously we didn’t have breakfast as we travelled on AirAsia. Haha. So had crispy roti kahwin and soft boiled egg at Old Chang Kee! πŸ˜€

Had soy ice cream for dessert!

Took the bus home…

We stayed at our friend, S’s house in Pasir Ris as she’s kind enough to host us. πŸ˜€

We settled in and suddenly I fell asleep just like that! Hahaha. Then everyone fell asleep. Must be one of the most awesome naps ever despite my legs being curled up looking uncomfortable hanging from the edge of the sofa. LOL. I really can sleep anywhere.

My hair looking lopsided after the nap but not like I care cause I’m in Singapore!!!!! Hahaha, this is us with S at the local mall. We’re looking for a money changer. Was breathing a sigh of relief cause it’s got aircond. Hahahahahah!

Did touristy pose in front of fancy building near Bugis.

Had much fun here!!!!!!!

Bought a hat here! πŸ˜€

Longchamp felt very heavy after shopping. On this vein, I like Longchamp’s line of canvas bags like the one I’m using in this photo. It’s so good to use for travelling as it’s deceptively spacious and can fit so many things inside. I wish I bought a grey or black one with the long strap. Haha. Bought mine at Bangkok because everyone in Bangkok was using this bag and I thought I should get one to remind me of all the stylish Thai girls I see. Also thought no one would know the brand. Came home and used it for a few days and realised… EVERYONE IN BRUNEI IS USING IT TOO!!!! Hahah. But I seriously think it’s a great bag for travellers.

Dressed up pretty pretty for the night and had dinner at the Three Monkeys. Which means, we watched KUMAR!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D So funny!!! I laughed so hard that night, and that made me happy because apparently if you don’t laugh at his jokes and find his jokes funny, that means you’re stupid!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Day 2

Had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun at the Singapore Zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A definite recommendation for everyone who visits Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Even saw my favorite animal, the zebra!

Then at night went to the Halloweeeeen Night Safari!!!!!!!

While waiting for our tram!

Lady selling dimsum turned out to be a ghost!!!

Went to Little India at Mustafa! Headache. Hahaha I don’t know how to shop there. Bought saffron for everyone in my family.

Day 3

This photo is self explanatory!!! (We’re back at Bugis by the way!)

At Ion Orchard! πŸ˜€

At Plaza Singapura (or Plaza Sing as the locals call it)

Back home to have the famous Singapore bright red sup tulang! Heheheheh very nice gravy, but well, marrow is very fatty!

Of course we went to the Esplanade! How can we not?

And had many camwhoring sessions at the Merlion. πŸ˜€

The next day had to go home already. Great times! All thanks to our host, S, who kindly gave us a couch to bunk on in this sunny island set in the sea! πŸ˜€

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