Wow that was a long hiatus!

A few days ago, I was talking with my friend A, who was telling me all about his trip to Siem Reap, a place I’ve also visited a while back. We were sharing thoughts and stories about Cambodia in general, and suddenly I miss Cambodia! I didn’t really like Siem Reap that much but Angkor Wat was really something.

If it is true that our lives are marked by moments, the moment I set foot onto the pavement that leads to Angkor Wat was definitely one of the defining ones.

This exact moment. Absolutely beautiful. I still dream about this moment sometimes.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Angkor Wat:

A French tourist being hit by intense illumination.

One of my camwhore photos that came out rather nice. Haha.

A group of Japanese students looking bored as their teacher reads them what I assume to be the history of the Angkor Wat. I like the colour of their school uniform against the dull colour of the building. Young against old.

If these statues can talk I’m sure they can tell us a story or two. This hallway was a particularly creepy one. Even the statue looks scared.

Or maybe I was just being melodramatic. 🙂


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