Turron: Modern Banana Fritter

One of my all time favorite things to eat is cucur pisang. I simply do not have the ability/mental capacity to turn down a cucur pisang offer. Crunchy on the outside, lovely and soft on the inside, urghhhhhhhhhh so yummy!!! The only thing that comes a close second in my book is the turron.

The turron is actually Filipino in origin, as far as I know. It’s taken Brunei by storm and served more and more frequently in many high tea outings I attend. Basically they’re bananas wrapped in spring roll wrappers and dipped in brown sugar before deep fried in very hot oil. In Brunei, some places dip them in Milo instead of brown sugar.

The best turrons use bananas that are still slightly green or as we Bruneians call it, pisang mangkal. Ripe bananas are too sweet and caramelise very quickly, giving the turron a blistered exterior.

In short, I love turron! 😀

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