Something that actually happened recently: My Great BSB Tour!

I thought I’d blog about something that had actually just happened yesterday haha. So yesterday I had lunch at Sheraton’s Tasek Brasserie. Of course I’m poor so lunch was courtesy of fellow Foodie Blogger of the Rose, Roses & Giraffes. Thank you Agong!

Aiby & me. Photo by Agong

In between the cheese sticks and food coma, Aiby and I suddenly had this bright idea that we should walk to the Royal Regalia Building for a camwhoring session. So we did! Left our car in Sheraton and started walking.

Aiby is armed with MY camera to take photos of me!


And me armed with HER camera to take photos of her!

So our first destination was the Royal Regalia Building. Basically a building where all fun royal stuff are stored. If you’d like a more detailed description please read official explanation here. It would’ve taken us a measly 3 minutes to walk to the building from Sheraton Utama if the traffic lights had been more efficient! Sure pedestrian walkways are provided but the light NEVER turns green!!! SO we just jaywalked.

On the way there we went pass Bangunan Adat Istiadat.


And a weird DO NOT LITTER sign. Well, don’t litter! Hehe.

And of course we passed by the Lapau Diraja or the Royal Ceremonial Hall. Only people with royal blood can enter the Lapau, so I’m automatically disqualified already haha.

Finally we’re at the Royal Regalia Building! This is one of my favorite places in Brunei. Free aircond, nice things to see, cold tiles and I really like the staff working here, they’re all so friendly! πŸ™‚ If you’ve never been here, then I suggest you go as soon as possible!

Then Aiby wanted to get something cold to drink so we walked on and stopped by this building here. There’s a stretch of cafes: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, De Royalle Cafe and Dairy Queen. We got a Green Tea Moolatte to share. πŸ˜€ Very matchalicious but very sweet.


We walked on, and suddenly we found ourselves in the Yayasan SHHB Complex! There’s the Masjid SOAS visible in the background.

Saw someone with a really cool t-shirt! πŸ˜€

Then played around at The Face Shop. Apparently there’s one in Yayasan. I didn’t know that. Hehe.

Coloured my nails many different colours. Well actually, just one colour.. jus different shades of that colour really. But whatever, free manicure! Hehehe.

Walked some more and we ended up at the BSM Head Office at the PGGMB Building overlooking Tamu Kianggeh. Hehe. This doesn’t look like anywhere in Brunei. Nice place, they should do something here.

Next to the PGGMB building is a bright red Chinese temple. Been there ever since I could remember! πŸ™‚ Red is a bit faded now than a few years ago, but still pretty nonetheless. My eyes sting though while standing at the cause the smell of incense is sooooooo strong! Hahaha.

Then we stopped by in front of the Post Office at the Makam Raja Ayang! I’ve always wanted to stop by but don’t know where to park. Anyway, looks very different now without the green hut it used to be in. Some people are not very happy (view comments section) with this change, but most of us are pretty neutral. Past is past.

What it looks like inside. It’s padlocked shut. I wish we can go in for a closer look. For more information on whose grave this is, click here.


We’re back at the Lapau. Here’s the crest minaret with the cloudy sky in the background. πŸ™‚

Inside the Lapau (as we viewed through the gates). Did you know there’s a pretty pool inside? πŸ™‚

My second home in 2008. Phew, glad we don;t need to do that again. It’s hell trying to find parking since it’s not just us there. I much preferred the Games Village. But of course this just has sentimental value. πŸ™‚ I remember waking up at 4am to say GOOD MORNING PUSAT BELIA!!! Haha, oh dear! Anyway, we need a bigger national youth centre. That’s what I think.

Then we arrived back in Sheraton and drove off! πŸ˜€ Spent only $1 on a drink this day. Happy!

I recommend the BSB Tour for everyone. We forgot to take a photo in the following places though:

  • Taman Sir Muda Omar Ali Saiffudien
  • BSB Post Office
  • Tamu Kianggeh
  • Kampong Ayer
  • The Jubilee Memorial next to RMS Diner.



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