Prickly Heat Powder… in lavender!

A few days ago I had an awful case of heat rash! My armpits, my thighs, that bit on the opposite side of the elbow, underneath my…. boobies (hehe) were all red and sooooo itchy. Apparently I sweat a lot during a camping trip early January and I and it wasn’t exactly windy in the camping site. So combined all that with Brunei’s ridiculous humidity I was as raw as beef carpaccio.

But lo and behold, a Prickly Heat Powder had been invented! More than 60 years ago! And best of all, available in a lovely, non-medicine-y lavender scent.

I believe it must be the single most amazing human invention ever! I am now typing this while feeling tingly cold sensations on my nooks and crannies. Hahaha. Wow, why did it take me 23 years to try this I don’t know! <3<3<3

Have you tried the Prickly Heat Powder? Which colour do u like best?

5 thoughts on “Prickly Heat Powder… in lavender!

    1. Hello silent reader! I bought in Huaho Tg Bunut but I assume all the Huahos will have the powder. Nice smell better than red/green/blue which are quite medicine-y. Good luck!


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