Sunday Cat Blogging: Napping Kitties

We haven’t had a cat post in a while. Just to update, the cats are alive and well, albeit extremely lazy. Aiyah. For those who are new here, we used to have four cats (2 long haired and 2 short haired). But well, they’ve grown old and so 2 died (one long haired and one short haired), so we’re left with 2. 😦 Quite miss them especially little Gurey who used to wait for me to come home at night (perhaps she still does).

Anyway, we’re now left with two lazy ones. Not that the other two were particularly ‘hardworking’.

Here they are napping on what used to be a study table. You can probably tell from all the colourful markings from pens and such that not so much studying happens on this table. More like…. colouring and painting. I myself is the kind to study in bed and my sister has her own study table in her room. So yes, it’s now a bed for the kitties, Toulouse and Putih to lounge around on. THIS PARAGRAPH IS TOO LONG JUST TO EXPLAIN OUR STUDY TABLE.

Putih looks annoyed like “WHY CAN’T I NAP IN PEACE????!!!!”. Toulouse just… doesn’t care. Hehe. Toulouse is a very shy cat. Scared of practically everyone and everything and you have to speak to her in soft baby voice otherwise her claws will dig into your skin while she’s on your lap… (O)_(O)”

When we had our grey bunny running around in our house a few years back Toulouse never comes out unless it was night time when the little bunny is back in her cage. Hmm, come to think of it all the cats were scared of the harmless bunny.

Lazy Putih yawning. Toulouse looks annoyed at him. Hehehe. Cat breath?

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