Trio of Bruneian Cafe Lattes

Tried cafe lattes from 3 different restaurants over the last few weeks. Did you know coffee is secretly making you fat? Well I dunno about it being a secret but it does contain a lot of milk. Hehe. Apparently if you’re on a diet u can request skim milk. Who knew??? I know u can do that in Starbucks but lets see if the Brunei cafes tedapat or not. Hehe.

On that train of thought I do wonder if they can substitute the regular milk with soy milk. Former barista Faz says can but regular milk still the BOMB. Hehehe.. Anyway, will report my findings!

Lattes are arranged in chronological order. Hehe.

From Fleur De Lys Kiulap and it was about B$4.00. Usual. Nothing special, but good coffee.

I believe this was only $3.00 at Funbread Cafe in Gadong. Milk tasted slightly burnt though. Not very impressed.

Cheapest latte in Brunei I think at $2.00 in Topaz Cafe Lounge, Kiulap. Kind of in the same league as the one from Fleur De Lys but in a taller glass and for half the price! Best value for money!

Verdict: Best latte still in Cafe Au Lait for me. 🙂

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