Muay Thai for Monday Blues

Sigh things I do when I’m bored. Hehehe. One of the best purchases I got in Thailand are these butt ugly, Red Bull, muay thai boxers hahahaahah.

Cause my bodeh is so sexy, I will now assault your eyes by modelling them for you.

Obligatory macho pose. My nonexistent muscles are throbbing and I look like I have weird knees but HUARGH don’t u mess with me!!!! Waistband says THAIBOXING in menacing red capital letters ok!!!

(BTW I love how the sun in between the two red bulls target… err…. well use ur imagination.)

HOOHA!!!! (Err actually I’m trying to pose like this guy below) Sama kali ah. ARE U SCURRRRRRRED?????

Happy Monday everyone! 😀

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