Nom nom: Restoran Kokokan Ayam

I know this restaurant has an English name but I am really crazy about the Malay name! LOL. Ko-ko-kan! Ironically with a chicken mascot! Kokokan Ayam is a newly opened restaurant in Gadong, on the same building as Ahan Thai, opposite La Mee. I know I’m supposed to be on a diet, but it was raining so I braved the rain for lunch, instead of going swimming! Hehehe. Anyway, it’s all Rano’s fault! 😛

Here’s the menu. Regular chicken rice menu, quite similar with Singapore Chicken Rice (SCR) which in my opinion will be Kokokan’s biggest rival.

I had the Royal BBQ, a bit pricey at $4.80 but well, lets just say, it was totally worth it. 😀

Look at that. It was shiny, sticky and lovely on the outside and meltingly white and tender on the inside. Yumminess!!! I assumed the sauce it came with is probably plum sauce, and it went really well with the BBQ Chicken. Forget the steamed chicken rice, this is what you need to spend your calories on!

But of course… if you’re in the mood for noodles, their Kilanas Kway Teow is very wok hei and not very oily too! 😀 I quite enjoy! Heard the chef did a 360 (wth he’ll be back in his original career if it’s 360 degrees) 180 degree career change from being a golfer to chef.

Such faith in deliciousness. Find out if you share the same views. 😀

4 thoughts on “Nom nom: Restoran Kokokan Ayam

  1. 360 degrees career chance would mean ia balik semula ke career nya yang asal. 180 degrees lah. haha but yeah, Tet Wee’s kway teow is awesomeee!


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