Rainart on Twitter!

In the pouring rain, Twitter is abuzz with rain art. Here’s some photos my friends tweeted. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

In Bandar, view from HSBC Building by @Inspiredee.

In Beribi outside the formerly GotBaked kitchen 🙂

From SoulKonekshen, pouring down hard in his school 🙂

A slightly under the weather EmmaGoodEgg reporting from under the covers.

Tina‘s busy working during the rain but her office has a nice view . 🙂

Senor Pablo too caught traffic during the rain in front of Sheraton Utama Hotel.

But so far none as bad as the one in Jangsak, by @fauzernator, tweeted via Ranoadidas.

From a Seria submission, view from a prison window, as @soleeyaya put it hehehe.

Drains will overflow~ from the shutters of @hjmdfouzi

Sinfully Delicious Mummy‘s first day of completely finishing pantang and it’s raining so heavilly. Awesome day to spend napping. 🙂

Outside Metallichick‘s office, with the Ministry of Development building wet in the distance.

David Cheok reporting from in front of the SOASC Flats! It’s really pouring there huh???

Soulkonekshen reports now it not just rain but flood.

@leonorayeo tweets of her poor neighbours’s home. But where?

Outside their office as reported by @dy29 (how are they gonna get home? Hope there’s an alternative route!)

I wait for more rain art. But it looks sombre from here and on.

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