Nippon Maru No More, The Story of Fuji Maru

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! I’m so lucky to have been on a ship!

When we were on the SSEAYP Programme in 2008, we went onboard a wonderful ship called the Nippon Maru. It’s a beautiful ship, and I knew almost every nook and cranny of the beautiful ship.

This ship has been used for many many years. And 2008 is the last year it will ever be used for SSEAYP.

In 2009, since it’s just an awful waste not to run SSEAYP again, a new ship was chartered. This time, on board Fuji Maru.

It looks similar from outside, but really it was so different inside! Got lost many times in it!

But basically it’s got more or less the same format. If I have to compare, Nippon Maru would win many times over but Fuji Maru does have its charm. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite spots on Fuji Maru.

There’s the Sports Deck, where they have many a futsal and basketball games. On NM, we even had a tarik kalat game (tug of war, they say). That was fun.

The swimming pool. This was definitely bigger! Ours was indoors too, with a retractable ceiling. Once we celebrated Loi Krathong at the pool, and the ceiling was opened so we could see every single star sparkling so brightly! 🙂

The grand bath or as the Japanese call it: onsen! It’s a communal jacuzzi thing and as per Japanese custom, you go in el commando. Not even a single thread. Yup, quite relaxing once u get over the idea of communal nudity… you sleep really well at night.

Laundry room. Hands down NM’s laundry room is better. Bigger and more machines! On NM there was the biggest tub of detergent in the world, and fabric softener too! LOL. But in both, there are the same easy, no fuss machines, just lug all your stuff in and press one button. Done in 30 minutes, then up to the dryer for a few more. I enjoy my laundry routine back then hehehe.

Full length mirrors in FM pwned NM! Awesome place to vain.

The vending machines. I know this picture only show beer vending machines LOL but there are more things sold like Haagen Dazs ice-cream, ramen, soft drinks and many more! Fun times! But expensive!!!

This rest spot here, however is definitely my favoritest place on FM. Shady, windy, close but not too close with the ocean. Sigh. I miss NM!!!

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