Weddings and visiting friends

Sorry didn’t blog yesterday! 😀 Been quite busy hosting my friends who came from Malaysia and the Philippines who came for my friend’s wedding. Between data entry and hosting them, I barely had any time for myself. Hehe. But all in good fun of course! 😀

Random photos ahead!

The happy family 🙂

Look at his wedding shoes. Shiny patent leather! You know how much I looooovvvvvve shiny patent leather.

Here’s a photo of us trapped in a giant silver ball.

Hehehe will blog about fun stuff soon. Oh by the way I have a fun new job! I started on Monday and well sometimes it’s fun, sometimes tedious. Depending on how the questionnaires look like. Anyway fun new job have to do with this research study on the implicit leadership theory and another one to do with talent management. Cool right! Did you know such things existed???

Ok wanna watch DVDs now!

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