The January Fog

I don’t wake up early enough for these morning phenomenons but most of my friends are not bums like me so they get to take lovely photos of the Fog on the 20th of January.

Photo taken by Marul of Hyperclicks from the tall glass tower where he works. 😀 The city engulfed in fog. You can just barely make out the outline of a mosque on the right side. Friends of mine report bad road visibility. Yikes.

As you know January in Brunei is a very wet time of the year brought about by the monsoon rain. We’re hot and wet all year round but in January it’s extra super freaking wet! Great time to take out the short umbrellas and waterproof pouches. 🙂 A great thing about all the rain is that the air is super fresh, even more so than usual.

Unfortunately the whole country have poor drainage so all the rain and water run off from high grounds and flood many areas. Roads become blocked up with brown murky water and some rivers even overflow.

We really should think of solutions for this, it looks like it’s gonna happen ever so often at the rate of environmental degradation we’re facing. Please note that I said WE, not just JKR. Master Plan should incorporate infrastructure for better drainage system that anticipates a lot of rain.

And on the subject of infrastructure, we somehow need to put our abundant sun into good use… buildings that require less lights, and use more natural light so energy use will stay cheap/free and sustainable. Just an example, housing schemes should focus on houses that have more windows so we use less electricity. Also in places that only operates during the day such as government offices and buildings where people only spend a few hours each year in, such as airports. It’s only a port, so it can be as minimalist as possible. Made out of recyclable materials so that it’ll be easy to expand and renovate as our tourism industry grows.

Phew, many things to say. I can go on forever. We have all the resources, intelligence and manpower we need. Just need will and a simultaneous and sustained group effort to achieve it.

Don’t let me get started on the rubbish.

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