What do Zebras sound like?

Last night I went to a red carpet event in Tarindak D’Polo for a Madam Tiff‘s birthday celebration. 😀 The theme was black and white.

So for this party especially, I launched a DIY sewing project on Friday, for myself and for Boipren. Made a sash, of black and white zebra print to go with my simple black dress. And to match, a necktie for Boipren, using the same zebra material.

Unfortunately, the making of the sash was not so well documented, however, the making of the neck tie was! 😀

I used the instructions from this awesome website here, which was the ONLY website with instructions AND pictures to match. Haha. So after reading, was so psyched up cause I’ve got the fabric ready and the thread and needles ready. Anyone can make their own ties!

1. Make a pattern.

It should be 60 inches long, and 8 inches wide on the thick end, and 1.5 inches wide on the narrow side. I used a newspaper and since i couldn’t find scissors at that time I just folded the paper. I probably broke the record for the “Thickest Pattern in The World”.

2. Then secure the pattern on the fabric, get on all fours and snip snip.

This is probably the most undignified looking photo of me ever. Dress bought from a cart in Manila.

Yes there were flowers on the original fabric. This was 4 metres from Kofom, Plaza Athirah and only cost about $15. Bargain! Even after making the sash, I still have some 2 metres of fabric left which I’m still wondering what to do with. Hmm.

After cutting, it will look exactly like your pattern. All 60 inches of it. 😀

3. Sew on the lining of the tie.

Make sure the fabrics are on the wrong side when u do this. Did this by hand but it’s ok to use a machine too! 😀 I used a red lining to contrast the black and white zebra fabric.

4. Turn inside out and iron!

This is to get a proper shape and getting ready to turn this into a proper tie. 😀

5. Fold it in and secure with pins.

Very important: Make sure everything is SYMMETRICAL!!!!

6. Sew everything into place.

This was probably the most difficult bit and this took the longest because I’m not so good in sewing. I don’t have enough sewing practice aside from the occasional mending after all. Basically the bits that you pin together need to be sewn with a hidden saddle stitch which I am REALLY bad at. Apparently, a tie needs to look as if it’s been held together not by thread, but by magic.


Here is what it looks like on a neck. Sorry for the bad quality photo…. and model. 😛

Final photo of designer and model a with bits of the tie. (so you’d forget the photo of me in that undignified pose earlier).

EASY RIGHT? Make your own custom ties. 😛 But why would u when you can buy some now for less than $10? 😀

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