Cafe Latte: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The most expensive in the country at $4.80. I ordered the regular sized cafe latte, but I could certainly order a small size for $4.20. I picked regular as it is the usual portion I get in the other coffee shops. Anyway, I can’t really see the colour of the coffee because of the fancy paper cup. Next time I’ll ask for a clear mug or maybe I’ll bring my own. This was also my first time asking for skim milk.

Latte was just the right temperature, and was actually quite yum. 🙂 Better than most cafe lattes I’ve had, but not as good as Cafe Au Lait’s. So while it’s the most expensive, it’s not the best, but not bad, and not mediocre.

This entry is sponsored by thirsty friend, Sulhi.


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