My KNK Adventures: Kayaking in Pudak

Before I proceed, I have to inform you that since I did this under invitation from a friend in the Brunei Scouts Association, I did not have to pay. So I apologise that I am not able to give out information on the price! But kayaking is actually a product of Kampong Pudak and that it is available for public use. The initiative is brought about by the ketua kampong and his family. Am surprised that it’s not part of the 10 must do packages of 2009. πŸ™‚

Pudak is a remote village in Kampong Ayer, located on Pulau Berambang, parallel to Kota Batu. To get there one usually parks at a rubble parking lot near the filling station in Serdang and catch a motorboat over to the other side. I’ve previously written about Pudak here.

The waters around Pulau Berambang, is very different from the waters of the other villages in Kampong Ayer in the sense that since it is very sheltered from the open sea, it is calmer and considerably even tempered as there is a lot less traffic, making it very safe for kayaking.

Upon arriving I couldn’t wait to start kayaking. I’m such a water rat and the fact that I just purchased a new Aquapac didn’t help to soothe the excitement! Hehe.

But since this was a first time, we all received a little briefing first on the teratak.

Advanced users may use single seat kayaks. πŸ˜€

Since we’re beginners, we get twin seat kayaks. This is my partner. Hehe. You can see another pair in the background about to hit something LOL.

Our kayak was lucky number 3!

Row left, row right. Row rowing all night (lame!). But this is definitely fun stuff!!! I would so do it again. πŸ˜€

After tired kayaking, it’s begalau time! πŸ˜€ Tide is high and water was awesome!!!

5 thoughts on “My KNK Adventures: Kayaking in Pudak

    1. hahaha ertinya mcm berandam happy happy mcm main2 lam aying catu. bukan beranang saja.. like bemain bah tu.. usually untuk kanak2 lah yg suka begalau heheh jarang use for orang basar hehehe… tapi yg lam gambar begalau atu kanak2 basar tu hahaha.


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