My New Canon DSLR

I went to the trusty ole Hua Ho today and got meself a new DSLR to put all the DSLRs in the world to shame. Battery pack is huge and the lenses are so wide they can fit in ANYTHING!

Who cares about the specs? I told you it’s big!!! So big it’ll put Ahim‘s and Jan‘s cameras to shame!

Of course it’s so big that I have to lay it on the floor all the time. Even when I’m taking photos. So I save money on tripods. No need to buy.

Here I am taking a shot. HA! Since my camera is the biggest, then my pictures will also be THE BEST ok!!!

But I have to admit, it’s too heavy for me to carry.

Thankfully Boi here is such a gentleman!

And so strong too!!!!!!!! Sorry he’s not wearing any clothes, he insisted on showing me his rippling muscles.

8 thoughts on “My New Canon DSLR

  1. Hahahaha! I saw this at Tanjung Bunut. Right? Coolies! I’m glad somebody make a little skit somewhat out of it. It’s just too good to pass, no? =D


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