My Near Death Experience

I know it’s very rare for a LADY (ahem!) of my age to fall down but of all the things that could go wrong, I actually fell down in Bandar today!

Basically what happened was, I was jaywalking across the 4 lane road in front of the Padang, as everyone with a logical mind does, and somehow managed, in my ballerina flats, to twist my ankle and fall to the black, hot tarmac! Uwaaa.

I couldn’t stand up for a while and a Tucson had to hit its brakes because obviously you can’t miss a lady in blue and purple shoes in the middle of a road. I almost pretended to faint out of sheer embarrassment but I got to my senses and tried to stand up and limped across the road.

That’s when I realise my right ankle hurts really bad and there was a terrible pain on my knees!

When I got back to the car, I checked my knees and there is a bloody gash on both left and right!!! 😦

Nasty gash on left knee

Not so nasty gash on the right knee

And one on my right foot which. Owww.

Ankle also hurting! Owwwww…. Was wearing leggings and now there are pieces of skin on it too.

5 thoughts on “My Near Death Experience

  1. Ouch! Other than antiseptic cream and good quality plaster, you also need a macro lens. I once stepped on a big long rust nail and needed tetanus shot afterwards. Nails and falls aside, we have one thing in common—we lived to tell the tale! 🙂


    1. I have!!! a macro lens!!! hahahahaha built in the digital camera!!! what i don’t have is proper lighting and a steady grip that night. ahem. hehehehe. 😛


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