Cake for Life: Brunei Foodies Go Pink!

Remember last year when we did the awesome recipe book? We called out to foodies all over Brunei to submit a recipe, cook it up, and bring it to a super secret venue where many foodies will come and taste the food so we can determine a winner. Winners received awesome prizes, and recipes were then compiled and put into what we now know as the Foodie Blogger’s My Favourite Recipes book. The book was sold for a profit amounting to a whopping $10,000, and that all went to charity.

The recipe book on sale at Shop@Sarah Dee, Kiulap.

Ah yes, that was a proud moment indeed.

This year, guess what? We’re back again as the Brunei Foodies Go Pink with another recipe book specializing on one of our most favorite courses in the world, DESSERT!

Why pink? Why not pink? Aside from the fact that it’s the most delicious colour in the whole wide world, it is also the colour for associated with raising the awareness for breast cancer, a disease that plagues some 400 people in the country, of which are our mothers, wives, sisters or daughters.

Pink because we want the ladies in our lives to be aware of this disease and not be afraid to do regular check ups and seek treatment. Pink because we do not want these unfortunate ladies to be alone. Pink because we want to show them that we are supporting them. Pink because we care. Pink because we are working in support of the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group.

How to participate in the Brunei Foodies Go Pink! Project.

  1. Think of one of your favorite desserts.
  2. Type down the recipe in your own sexy way and send it to
  3. Bring it to the venue at 2pm on April, 2010. Here your creation will be subjected to intense food tasting (yummy!) and photoshooting.
  4. Eat and socialise 🙂

When and where is this food tasting session?

Day: Sunny Sunday
Date: 11th April, 2010
Time: 3pm-6pm
Address: Casa Esperanza (will email the address to you)
Attire: Pink Casual Chic

Things you need to be aware of:

  • This is a goodwill community project where you are the one who will determine the success of the project. The more you involve yourself, your friends and your family, then the more the project will succeed. 🙂
  • Most recipes submitted will be included in the recipe book.
  • I say most because, if there are more than one recipe for one dish, then we will choose the yummiest, judged by votes. And hey, since this is a healthy project, you get extra points for making healthy yet delicious desserts! ❤
  • All profits from the sale of the book will be handed over to the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group.

This Project is initiated by:

–  Senor Pablo –  EmmaGoodEgg –  Kurapak –  Sasbrownies –  My7thlife –  Ranoadidas

–  BruneiFoodies –  Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group

4 thoughts on “Cake for Life: Brunei Foodies Go Pink!

  1. I think this is such a good idea Maurina – thanks for making it more public. I’m an expat living here in Brunei and in 2008 was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2-3. I had all my treatment including mastectomy and chemotherapy done at RIPAS and the Oncology staff there were fantastic. I hope Brunei gets radiotherapy facilities soon – it’s used to treat other cancers as well.


    1. Susan Smith as in, THE Susan Smith I work with once upon a March? 😀

      Will love to have one of your recipes in the book, especially since you’ve actually been through and survived breast cancer yourself! It would be a great inspiring story for those who are going through it now. Perhaps the first dessert that you made after you’re discharged from the hospital? 😀

      BTW I am happy to hear rave reviews of RIPAS Oncology staff. 😀 Sadly most news we get about RIPAS are horror stories about wrong diagnoses and long queues. I think many people don’t realise that the whole country depends on that one hospital for most of their health needs.


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