More birthday gifts! :)

Sister1 came back from SIngapore recently bearing birthday presents! Yahoo~ Love my new earrings and now thinking of what to wear with those bright pink leggings haha.

Oh and I went to the post office today to pick up a small parcel today after a long leisurely birthday lunch with my friends from the extremely memorable Guiyang trip hahaha.

Was a package of Meiji marsmallow chocolates and a pink packed nuts from Pori, my Japanese cabin mate, the one and only official Queen of Snacks!

My second birthday cake of the year from Pablo and the Brunei Foodies! 😀 Hahah they threw Kurapak and me a little birthday surprise under the pretense of a food review (which I might add I fully intend to write cause I love that restaurant!) Surprised we were! Was a delicious, moist and rich chocolate orange cake! I love orange and chocolate combinations! Soooooooooo indulgent!

And I’ve got these awesome plates (LOVES!!!!!!!!!!) from Senor Pablo! Rest assured they will feature prominently in the next dish in the Chef Maurina Foodie Projects.

Thank youuuuuuu so much my dear friends!!! I am sooooo blessed really. I may not have much money, I may not be anyone, but having such thoughtful friends, I know I’m blessed. Alhamdulillah. <3<3<3

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