Just a heads up

Hi guys,

How has your weekend been so far? I’ve been up to really fun things these past few days and have two blog posts I am very very excited to write about but haven’t got the time to yet.

Expect posts about the following sometime next week. LOVES!!!

  • Food review of the chic new cafe and bistro in my neighbourhood: FRANGIPANI
  • Island hopped over to Pulau Pilong Pilongan or Pelong Rocks. Argh! I have awesome photos and stories to tell!!!

In the mean time keep on brainstorming for the Brunei Foodies Go Pink Project! Oh and Kurapak may be coming up with the book cover soon, so can’t wait to post that up. Have u submitted a recipe? 😀

2 thoughts on “Just a heads up

  1. Hey Maurina, long time since I contacted you. Some of us are thinking abound doing a barcamp in Brunei- it is an ad-hoc event where people come and talk about things they are doing, discovering etc. can be tech, music, culture, food, anything. Just wanted to round up some bloggers and pitch the idea to them. Will email you soon.


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