Food Review: Frangipani Bistro & Cafe

To answer everyone’s FIRST question, it’s in Sengkurong.

I am not kidding. In Sengkurong, the same row as Baiduri Bank and Casbah’s.

It’s been there for a while and frankly I think it’s refreshing that these cafes are now opening up in the suburbs. Madang, Sengkurong, Tanjong Bunut, come and open more! Rent’s cheaper so I assume funds can go more to more unique deco, can concentrate more on good quality food and ingredients, and can employ more staff for (hopefully) better service.

(Oh a more serious note, with these cute cafes opening up, we can reduce our carbon footprint by travelling less and being stuck in traffic jams less)


Anyway, Frangipani is a very chic little cafe I’ve been invited for a food tasting last Thursday. I love the ambience, the warm lights, the darkwood deco, the classic black and white flooring, the fully stocked book shelves and of course, the lovely French posters on the wall! It very much reminded me of the cosy little bistros in Ho Chi Minh City, with the smell of coffee and baguettes. So one minute you’re in Sengkurong, and the next you’re not.

Here are my recommended dishes:

Me loves the Soto Ayam!!! It was just perfect and I especially love the addition of the begedil to go with the soto.

Homemade beef burger! The kind with pickles and onions and waxy cheese. Good bun to beef ratio. And crispy fat fries are Turquoise and Roses approved!

Yummy breaded chicken breast fillet in between two fluffy sesame buns! The chicken was done very well and not dry at all. I love this.

The Pesto Surf’n’Turf. Am not quite sure why this is called that. But yums! You really cannot go wrong with grilled lamb on pesto, served with deshelled bursty prawns.

And finally, this dish was not included in the tasting menu on Thursday. Since I liked the place so much, I went again for dinner there on Saturday.

Good ole Spaghetti & Meatballs! 😀 A must try.

So yes, I am recommending this restaurant. I want to come back and try their beef lasagna, and maybe the ayam penyet cause my friend said it’s yums. Argh hungry.

All photos, except for the Spaghetti are taken either by Mr Kurapak or Marul. My own photos from that night turned out so awful I don’t know why.

6 thoughts on “Food Review: Frangipani Bistro & Cafe

  1. are they open already? i tot it was still in the works. r they open daily? business hrs? been meaning to take the fams there but it always look like its tutup


  2. I want to pinch your cheeks!

    Surf and Turf = Seafood and Meat

    Surf as in Sea, Turf as in Ground.

    You so kiut eh. 😀


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