Pink! Foodie Event a SUCCESS!!!

My contribution: Bahulu Pick-Me-Up!

For those who do not know, Pick-Me-Up is the English word for Tiramisu. I chose this dessert because I think it’s appropriate owing to my recent obsession with coffee. That and I found these awesome big giant sweet strawberries in Hua Ho. 🙂 Happy!

Thank you to all the recipe contributors who came that day to Casa Esperanza for contributing to the sugar high I was on yesterday:

And of course to to Thanis, who won! CONGRATULATIONS!

Here he is making his winning Chocolate Luva Cake with his lovely assistant Tina.

I had so much fun that day.

Here I am explaining the voting system. Ahem! The competition really is just an excuse for us to give away prizes. And great thing was all the prizes were given by the public. So we have number 1, 2, 3, and 17 consolation prizes!!! LOL!!! All the food were great, though I really am not much of a dessert person. I did bring some leftover desserts home for me to enjoy over the next few days 🙂

Some of my favorite peoples in one photo! Boipren with Kurapak and Chef Nash, who came with a recipe contribution! 😀

This lovely buttery and moist banana cake with the dangdut jambul was made by Sasbrownies and won 4th place! It’s going to be available for order, and for every cake you order, she’s going to donate $2 to the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group!

Something I didn’t really want to help with was counting votes!!!!!! Hahahaha. I love these two girls but I really am bad with numbers. So I collected the voting paper and the votes were then counted by non-certified auditors and! Hehe.

While the votes were being counted, the BBCSG ladies sold some awesome shirts! They’re still available in limited numbers, drop a comment if you’re interested! 😀

We also did a BSE briefing! LOL!!! This really had me in stitches! Especially when I said “Touching your breasts might at first feel weird..” and Thanis cut me “…but after a while u will feel some pleasure!!!!” Hahahahahahaah.

Early detection saves lives ok! Do your BSE (Breast Self Examination) today!

Me, Nonnie and the rest just relaxed and hung out! It was lovely weather and it was windy too. Was about to rain so the clouds were heavy  and shielded the sun. Humid though!

In the end, we had fun with MobilStudio! (In fact most of the vibrantly coloured photos in this post are done by them! Oh and some by Marul also! And some other people!) LOL thought this shot was super funny! Everyone jumping except Rambogagigas.

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