Food Review: Da Mammamia Pizzeria Italian Ristorante

Photo by Marul.

Apparently there’s a new Italian restaurant in town.. or more specifically, Italian ristorante. Were invited for a food tasting sometime last week and I was quite impressed. Especially with the prices.

The above is the beef carpaccio. Was very nice. Paper thin slices of beef atop herbs and leafy greens then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, burst of lemon and parmigiano reggiano.

The calzone was one of my big favorites! It comes out all poufy and you tear it open and delicious cheesy steam goes out.

The calzone’s innards shot. Oh my, the mushroom, the pepperoni, the mozarella. Just yummy! So simple yet so delicious.

Quatro Staggioni Pizza, or the four cheese pizza. A must for pizza lovers. A harmony of gorgonzola, romano, parmesan and mozzarella I think.

CARTOCCIO!!! My favorite pasta. I always order this in any Italian restaurant. Da Mammamia’s version is somewhat fancy with all the crayfish (satak) hehe. But I like it! Yums.

Penne Carbonara. This was ok but it didn’t have the intense smokiness from the beef bacon that I like so much. Fratini’s has that down to an art. I love Fratini’s carbonara. It’s pretty hard to top. 🙂

Their Beef Lasagna however is really nice! Not as heavy as most lasagnas elsewhere. And I love that they give a very generous portion.

Photo by Marul.

But enough mains. This dessert is really what you should come here for. The Pizza Ciocolata. I do wish they add in some bananas or strawberries and this would’ve PERFECT! ❤

6 thoughts on “Food Review: Da Mammamia Pizzeria Italian Ristorante

    1. Oh yes sorry! This was a draft I wrote on Monday hehehe kalat mata kali. It’s at Regents Square, arah tampat where Dunes used to be. Opposite Excapade. Hehe selamat mencuba!


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