Tour of the Old Kingdoms: Ayutthaya at Night

Note: Sorry for the delay! Our Internet had problems past few days, but I’m here now!

Ayutthaya is a very quiet place as compared to the busy and very happening Bangkok. Maybe even slightly quieter than Brunei (with more dogs)! Shops close early, and over the few days I was there, I really didn’t see any young, fashionistas going to clubs or whatnot. It’s an agrarian community mostly, judging from the number of paddy fields we see everywhere. As all agrarian communities, they are quiet at night, cause they have early mornings and physically demanding workdays.

But of course, this is still Thailand, and what is Thailand without the amazing night markets! Went to one night market in search of food and came here.

Possibly the brightest place in the whole city! And no I don’t know what this woman on the left is wearing or doing there.

100 Baht for a pair of boxers. Quite expensive by Thai standards. This you can get in Bangkok markets for 25 Baht each.

But there was quite a variety of items sold there cause there’s even makeup for sale!

There’s even a real tattoo parlour here. Don’t know how sterile it is but very interesting designs! From outside you can hear the buzzing and the customers groaning in pain hehe.

And there was also plentiful of food stalls!!! HUNGRY cause there was such a wide array of food!

Cute eggplants that they put in green curry. I love these. Do we have them in Brunei?

Crazy spicy squid! But so worth it. Where do they get their seafood though?

Awesome looking kerang bakar. This was unfortunately next to an unsavoury looking grilled pork tongue stall so I didn’t get any!

The offending but interesting looking pork tongue hahahah. NO thanks!

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