Tour of the Old Kingdoms: Our Route

For those who are on my Facebook, you may have noticed that I name my Ayutthaya-Yangon albums as Tour of the Old Kingdoms. Here is a history lesson for everyone.

Before Bangkok, Ayutthaya is actually the old capital of Thailand. It was founded like thousands of years ago and had millions of people of all races and nationalities living in it, making it so metropolitan with a great mishmash of cultures and thus of great interest for anthropologists. However, in like, the 1700s the big bad Burmese army came and destroyed the city, causing the fall off Ayutthaya. Burma was a strong kingdom back in the days, like Ayutthaya. But as is with all great kingdoms, they eventually fall, leaving behind stories for us to learn from.

Thus is the reason why I call this travel stint, my Tour of the Old Kingdoms. We have so much to learn from them as they’ve both been around for sooooo long!

The route that we took was quite long, and it made a most interesting journey. From Brunei, drove to Miri and then took a cheap domestic flight to Kuala Lumpur. After that took a flight to Bangkok, where a van was waiting to take us to Ayutthaya. This journey cut our expenses by HALF compared to what we’d pay if we went direct to Bangkok via RBA, so was quite happy about it!

On the way to Miri, at the Sungai Tutong bridge we saw a big ass water spurt!

Was a magnificent sight! At a price of course. Guess people in Tutong would have to endure no water for the day as Waterworks and JKR collaborate to fix the pipe. Hehe.

Water was as high as the lamp post!

Left Miri International Airport on time. Usually I doze off before take off, looking ugly, drooling, mouth hanging open. Shudders. But this time I stayed up to take a photo of Miri’s beautiful coastline. I think Miri has one of the nicest coastlines ever.

This is mainland Malaysia’s coastline. Love the low hanging cumulus clouds look like cauliflower. Hehe.

Arrived at one of my least favorite airports in South East Asia, and yet ironically my most frequented one: KLIA LCC (Low Cost Carrier) Terminal.

Then climbed aboard my first Thai Airasia plane. They had these inscriptions next to the entrance. What does it mean I wonder? Anyone can read Thai?

Thai coastline. So many paddy fields!

After more than an hour’s drive to Ayutthaya we finally arrived at our hotel: Ayothaya Riverside Hotel. and then checked into our hotel room!!!


Next post: Exploring Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya at night.

Oh and by the way, all flights are operated by!

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