Panggilan Pulau: Labuan Revisited

Trivia: Did you know that the name Labuan actually came from the Malay word “labuhan” that means anchorage?

So yes, sponsored by our friends in Gaharu Brunei, for the second time this year, I went back to Labuan! With company from media extraordinaires (eseh!) Aziz & Awang, we conquered the South China Sea and arrived safely at about 5.45pm.

Labuan is a pretty small place, small town, small population, whereby a big chunk of the population are Brunei Malay and Kedayan. So it’s pretty much Brunei, with booze. Haha.

Stayed at the Mariner Hotel. It’s at a great location cause you’re near to many duty free shops and all that, and the Labuan nightlife is literally at the back of this hotel.

My comfortable room with residual wifi signal from an unidentified source. Hehe. The hotel only has wifi at the lobby but for some reason, I could detect wifi signal called ‘dlink’ from my room. Was happy about that! Haha.

We had dinner at the Manja Rasa Floating Restaurant, which technically wasn’t floating, but was in fact, on stilts hehe. It was an eat-all-you-can, season-with-whatever-you-want, cook-however-you-want, type of place, where you have fun with your food. Was very very very full after!

Later we attempted to engage with the local community at a cultural exchange venue called Popin. Haha. Our attempt was rather unsuccessful what with the rather awful singing and sounds. Great songs, unfortunately the place had really bad acoustics. *___*”

Then as Aziz & Awang stayed back to watch some lame World Cup match, with what left of our eardrums, the rest of us went back to the hotel and to bed we went (separately) in anticipation of tomorrow’s fun filled activities! 😛

Next post: An Idiot’s Guide To Jetskiing.

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