Gold Leica M6 Brunei Silver Jubillee: WHO has this camera?

Hi all, I know it’s been a while. Been pretty busy with Plants vs Zombies. Haha! Ok anyway, anyway, guess what. I was browsing on Facebook just now and I found an album posted by this someone. I don’t know him of course, but his album was public see, so I was able to see everything. Anyway the album is called “Who got this camera?”.

Indeed who!!! Apparently Leica released a limited edition of this camera in conjunction with our Sultan’s Silver Jubillee! I don’t really know the exact details so I am not sure whether it’s commissioned or was it just a little gesture from Leica?

Crazy opulence! It’s not just gold, it’s freaking gold plated haha.

This is what it looks like at the back. It was released before the advent of digital photography. Still using film ok!

View from atop. There is a serial number “HB-017” so I would assume there are at least 17 models of this camera in the world. HB would be the Sultan’s initials.

But my favorite would be the Platinum version, also released for the Silver Jubillee.

Gosh, I prefer this one to the gold. Gold seems too obvious. Hehe. This one is more subtle. But I can’t imagine how heavy it must be!

This one is HB-050 meaning there’s at least 50 models in the world!

Another one is also platinum, but has a diamond! I got this from this blog right here.

At first I thought it’s the same as the ones above, but actually, Leica released this one 3 years after the two above cameras in 1995 during the Sultan’s 50th birthday.

Isn’t it awesome!? See the difference between this and the one above? The the diamond instead of the red national panji panji, and the royal crest instead of the Silver Jubillee emblem. The serial number HB-010, means there’s at least 10 models of this camera in the world!!!

The royal crest in the front flap. I think it’s really lawa. I guess Monsieur Hassanal Bolkiah is very much into photography back then in the 90s otherwise he wouldn’t have established close relations with Leica!

If you are one of the 10 people in possession of this camera, drop me an email. I just want to have a look at it!!! I promise!!! It’s just so lawa. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Gold Leica M6 Brunei Silver Jubillee: WHO has this camera?

  1. first time i ever see it. nice.. should you ever post it to Twitter? i think those who love photographer would like to see it.. 🙂


  2. Mau, I think these cams were HM’s gifts to his royal guests masa atu….not for mere mortals methinks….


  3. ZOMG! They look uber awesome! I’d like to own one of those. I lurve the gold version. Tacky, but irresistable. XD
    Kalau ia bejual mau ku membali. 🙂


      1. We were part of the team that discussed with leica regarding the Brunei emblem. All in there were 300 of these. Leica kept 10, royal family had 200 and the remaining 90 we took but we sold about 50


        1. So how come was there this amazing relationship between Leica and our Sultan? Why was it made? Any plans to make more in the future for the Crown Prince? I hope so! 😀 They’re really beautiful.


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