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Hi all,

I know it may seem as if I have stopped blogging altogether but rest assured I haven’t. I know some of you have encountered abig red “malware” alert when you visited my site. It came from the photos I posted in the Leica post, which I’ve now removed for that reason. I think it’s cause I cold linked the photos from the original website so I’ll host the photos from my Flickr and put the post back on when I have the time yes? I understand the owner of the photos may not like my eating up his/her bandwidth, but how annoying is that alert man! Grr. I apologise for that and hope no one was too inconvenienced by it!

Anyway, so sorry I haven’t been updating. I have been busy lately since I now have a job! In a BANK no less. Makes me feel ridiculously smug for some reason hahaha. It’s like, you really can go anywhere with a TESL degree.

Workplace shall now be referred to as The Bank.

Here are the things I like about having a regular job:

  1. We start at 9am so I wake up relatively later than everyone else.
  2. It’s a Monday to Friday job so I get Saturday and Sundays off. SIUK! Theoretically I can catch a 7.30pm flight on Friday and come back on Sunday night.
  3. It’s like playing dress up every day. Hee..
  4. My salary actually comes out on time!
  5. Instant gratification: It feels good to finish a project.
  6. Fun officemates!
  7. It’s not really as routine as I thought it would be. My job revolves around projects and requires creativity and a lot of teamwork.

And here are a list of things I don’t like about a regular job:

  1. When I’m busy, time goes by so fast. Then when I’m free, time goes by painfully slow. (Arguably this is true with my previous not-so-regular jobs but in those jobs I don’t have to be in an office)
  2. TRAFFIC JAM!!! Not in the morning, but when I come home at 5.30pm. So annoying!
  3. It’s not a bad thing, but you kinda have to be nice to everyone you work with, which I didn’t have to do back when I was not working. My cat Putih doesn’t mind when I snap at him.
  4. I have to use the loathed Windows! And my Mac-induced-ambungness is even further insulted cause the computer I use doesn’t even have Firefox (and I can’t download cause it’s against our stringent IT guidelines. Hates!)

I thought about putting the fact that I hate our IT guidelines as point number 5, but I guess it’s understandable since I work in a Bank and there’s a lot of sensitive information that can potentially be misused. Plus, I have Microsoft Office 7, which is not too bad. I think those in other departments are still on the old old Microsoft Office.

Other than the fact that I’ve just exhibited my nerdiness and IT snobishness for all the world to see, 7 vs 4 is not too bad right?

I tweeted on my first week of work, that I love that I can use my borderline OCD-ness in my job and not get judged by it! It’s true. I can obsess about corners and fonts and alignments and colours and people justify it’s part of the job hohoho!!!

Will post my workstation photos some day. Now it’s pretty barren still, save for a few animal shaped office stationery. I will only furnish this cubicle with things friends give me as presents so I will always feel the love and so far I’m sticking with that design scheme! 🙂

Anyway, if you’re a new reader, HELLO! And to old readers, I’ve a few posts in store for you all:

  • Went to Pelong Rocks again! And wow, the coral there has become more beautiful since the last time I went there! There are more fishes and more colour and wow!!!
  • My camera died! The stupid Aquapac was not so reliable after all! I’m going to write them a letter!
  • Went to Lumut Lunting and also Jong Batu a few weeks back when my friend Henry came for a visit!
  • I might also write a true love story based on real life events!
  • And will post Work Cubicle photos! 🙂

Ok guys, stay tuned alright! Subscribe to my RSS so you get alerts when I do update yeah! Loves.

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