Welcome to the Corporate World

The work station (or so they name the fancy cubicle) at The Bank is not bad, in my opinion. Of course there’re some ups and downs like:

  • Why is the printer so far away?
  • My CPU is on the floor and the subsequent hassle of plugging in a flash drive.
  • Butt cramp from sitting down too long.
  • Is the camera right above me really working?
  • ..and others.

But I really enjoy my own space to work. It’s cool. Hehe.

(Revelation: Gosh I can’t even write properly in all this hunger. And it’s only day one! I’m so glad it’s only a once a year thing, and I’m not in hunger all the time. Can you imagine those poor people who can’t afford food and have to eat like, newspapers or something like that? At least I’m hungry in a nice comfortable air-conditioned room, and I have dusk to look forward to. Sigh, kesian!)

Anyway, I keep my cubicle populated with cute little animals.

It all started with this cat. It has always been there, and I keep my coins in it. His name is Neko.

Neko sits next to the phone.

Next to Neko you may notice another cat on my stapler.

Meet Kitty.

This is Mister Salmonhead, which is what I feed my cats with.

Mister Salmonhead sits next to the calendar and my zebra pencils.

And, that’s pretty much it.

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