Ramadhan Sungkai Series: Da Mammamia Italian Ristorante

One year later, and we’re back!

Yes the Turquoise & Roses Ramadhan Sungkai Series is back, albeit in the absence of a camera on my side. So all photos are borrowed without permission and regards for the photographer from Brunei Foodies. Muahahaha.

As you know, I’ve been here before, so I don’t really need to talk about it much. For Ramadhan, they do not have a buffet style spread as other restaurants are doing. The two chefs prefer fresh food rather than a buffet. Although I can argue that a buffet doesn’t necessarily mean unfresh food is being served…

We had the usual CARTOCCIO!

….which is of course, my favorite pasta. It tasted a little different than when I tasted it the first time I thought but it wasn’t bad. Satak in pasta always good. Costs $33 and can feed 3 people.

This is the HALF METRE PIZZA. IT IS HALF METRE LONG! And it’s nyaman. 😀 You can pick three toppings of your choice (or just one) whatever u like. It’s really nice I thought 😀 This one is also $33 to feed 3 people. Three BIG people.

Both of these items are only available during Ramadhan so if you don’t really fancy a buffet spread but still wish to indulge in a quiet food coma inducing meal, then head on over!

Da Mammamia Italian Ristorante

Ramadhan Special Discounts:

  • $40 and below: 15%
  • $41-$60: 20%
  • $61-$100: 25%
  • $101 and above: 30%

Call 2233755

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