Thirteen tweets about the best food in Brunei

The thing about microblogging is that, it’s easy and you get replies in the blink of an eye. The thing about blogging is that, you get distracted easilly.

Just a few minutes ago I wrote down on THIRTEEN tweets the best food in Brunei, in my opinion.

Do you agree?

Just to add a few more:

  • Best Korean BBQ is in Kimchi.
  • Best Pina Colada is from Manjaro (They also have the best mashed potatoes)
  • Best ambuyat sets are from Aminah Arif (Although I wish they get more competition so they improve on service & restaurant layout)
  • Best cucur pisang is from the Thai restaurant in Bunut, with the one in Mulaut coming a close second.
  • Best gelato is from Fleur De Lys
  • Best fresh fish are from Pantai Jerudong (you get them as they unload from their fishing boats)
  • Best Thai food is from Restoran Aqil Shafiee in Jerudong
  • Best gobi manchurian is from
  • Best butter chicken masala is from Le Taj
  • Best fries/chips are from Sbinati Kebab
  • Best caesar salad is from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


But remember the best things always come out of a loving kitchen.

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