Travelogues: Ramadhan in Kuala Lumpur

Last Ramadhan, my very very good friend G and I bought last minute air tickets to fly to KL during the long weekend on Nuzul (27th to 29th August). It was extremely reckless and absolutely fun! LOL. At that time, Kuala Lumpur was rife with their Merdeka celebrations and everywhere you go was an INSANE sale! I really was just happy to take some time off from work.

Before I go ahead with this post, please be informed that my camera has drowned, pre-Ramadhan in a jaunt off to Pelong, therefore, my photos are mostly taken with the iPhone camera, which is lousy, and some from G’s camera, which is not so lousy. Hehe.

Day 1

We, of course, flew Airasia, because I don’t know about you but, I think RBA is sooooooooo overpriced nowadays. What’s up?

Good as well cause look who we ended up being friends with. (“Friend” is a loose term to describe someone we shared a flight with. Ahem.)

It’s Ashraf who won the programme Imam Muda from Astro Oasis. Hehe! Yes I know of the programme since we get Malaysian newspapers at the office. I don’t watch it but it’s an interesting premise.

Check out Ashraf’s doa below.

Anyway, fun when we arrived in KL this time cause the SUPER FAST AND AWESOME KLIA TRANSIT was already working!!! 😀

So from LCCT Airport, you purchase a shuttle bus ticket, to take u to Salak Tinggi. Then get on board the train KLIA Transit that will take you all the way to KL Sentral. The tickets you purchase in LCCT and a shuttle bus leaves every 30 minutes. So does the train I think.

I am sooooo in love with this train! We arrived in KL Sentral in 40 minutes only as opposed to almost 1.5 hours on the bus. 😀 Pay a little more but it was such a comfortable ride!!!

So from KL Sentral, we took the monorail to Bukit Bintang!

I hate the KL monorail. SO FULL!!! Why are there so few carts especially this MR1 line??? I mean, arguably this is the most high traffic route jua. Grr.

Yeay! Walked a short distance from Bukit Bintang and arrived at Pavillion. 😀 Yes brought my luggage because t doesn’t make sense to go all the way to Bukit Jalil, where we were staying, just to drop off a bag. Waste of precious shopping time hehe.

Shopped around BB area until almost Maghrib. We had no photos!!! Busy shopping haha.

Had sungkai at a nearby Subway.

Slurp! Awful photo but yummy sub.

Shopped around some more. BTW, there’s a great shopping atmosphere during Ramadhan, in anticipation of Hari Raya. Live performances as you shop. It’s really nice.

This was at Sungei Wang, while browsing through off the rack baju rayas.

We walked around and bumped into the tallest man and woman in the world. Then went home at about 10pm cause we’ve been walking since 9am and I couldn’t feel my legs. Haha.

Day 2 (Possibly the Longest Day of My Life)

Woke up fresh and early, took a taxi to the Bukit Jalil MRT. I love the MRT! 😀

First destination was Suria KLCC! ❤

Because of Vincci’s Insane Sale!!! I bought shoes for RM10.00 (B$4.00 only!)

Didn’t really buy much here. Zara was not on sale.

Grabbed the Komuter to go to our favorite destination Mid Valley Megamall! Sat in the women’s coach. Komuter is so old-fashioned with the front facing seats and non-existent aircond, especially when compared with the super modern MRT. But the “women’s coach” idea is very modern. 😀

Bought a lot!!! By the way I am standing in the middle of an orchid installment thingie. Fresh orchids and such, with live music. 😀 Took many photos there.

View from one level up. Lawa! 🙂

Next destination was Masjid India. Where we only took a photo after sungkai cause our hands panuh!!! LOL. We had Burger King cause it was the nearest.

My friend and his shopping goods. Hehehehe. We walked around some more after sungkai and took the MRT back to Bukit Jalil, cause of feet pain.

Then our friend Kay, picked us up there, and brought us to a night market!

Special pose. It was so hot by then, and my fringe was clipped to the side cause it was all curly! Haha.

Danau Kota is a night market open from 11pm to 3am. Interestingly in all of Kuala Lumpur, I have never seen so many Malays in one area! It was not so hot since it was night time, but sooooooooooo many people la! After walking a while and shopping with much difficulty, we went to hang out at Pak Li Kopitiam.

I believe that the name Pak Li Kopitiam is a play on the word lepak but Kay and the rest say it’s just the name of a Pak Ali, which I find rather uninteresting. I really think it’s a plan on words!

Waiting for our coffees. This was about 1am already hehe. We only left when they closed at about 2am.

Kay sent us back home and arrived at about 3am. By 4.30am, we were showered, packed on our way to KL Sentral. Because we so lambat, we didn’t have time for our obligatory goodbye breakfast. 😦

From KL Sentral, took the early bus to LCCT. Wanted to take the KLIA Transit but the earliest train is at 5.30am and our flight is at 6.45am so there’s no time since we have to be at the airport 2 hours earlier for check in. Slept on the bus like a baby!!!

Arrived in LCCT at 5.40am which means we’re already late and went to a Self Check-in Kiosk which I love cause it’s so fast.

My printed out boarding pass. The whole thing took me 2 minutes. 😀

Waiting to board the plane. I look very gray. This is what I look like at 6.30am with 1 hour of bus-sleep. Still ok right????

Interesting Observations

It is a quite different experience being in Kuala Lumpur during Ramadhan. I was expecting less hustle and bustle but actually the hustle and bustle intensified 1000x especially in predominantly Muslim-goods-retail-areas such as Masjid India!

People cover up more with tudongs and made me feel sort of janggal, not that I was wearing particularly revealing clothes anyway. Made me look very foreign, instead of blending in. Hehe.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the beautiful traditional live music they play all day in their malls! They make me happy and wanna buy more! Hehehe.

Things I wish KL has:

  1. Locker services: When I was in Japan, there were so many very secure locker services around their shopping districts. This is obviously to make shopping easier and more convenient for people who has to commute back & forth. Somemore train tickets can get expensive.
  2. More carts on their Monorail: Sampit wah sampit!!! It just doesn’t make sense!!!

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