Reminisce: The glory of Brunei’s football scene

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Last night, I attended a charity football match between the champions of Liga Malaysia in 1999 and the guys they were up against in the match that they won. The match back in 1999 was iconic, as it was the peak of Brunei’s football scene, and it marked a steady decline to what it is as you know now. Anyway the match last night was a 2-2 draw.  It brought back memories of what our football scene used to be. I dunno if you were ALIVE back in 1999, but I was about 13, and I can tell you, every time there is a match back home, the Stadium was THE place to be and be seen. Suni Mat Jerah our “Senjata Sulit”, Said Abdullah, “Rocket Brunei”, Irwan Mohammad, Fadhlin Gelawat, Brian Iman, Rosanan Samak. Gosh. This stadium you see in this photo, was FILLED TO THE BRIM to the point where people will camp out as early as 7pm to get good seats. We had hotdog vendors, pizza vendors, burger vendors, peanut vendors, walking around in case you feel peckish but do not wanna leave your seat in case it’s taken by someone else. Haha. Sometimes I wonder, will it ever go back to how it was? We’ll never know. I myself will never forget that amazing, electric atmosphere at the Stadium each time there’s a match back home.

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